Who am I

My name is Faisal Iqbal. Currently, and since mid 2019, I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and supporting different businesses from across the world, as an Independent Contractor.

My expertise

I solve HR challenges associated with Business-IT Alignment.

During 18+ years of my professional life, I have assisted various clients, mainly in the MENA region, with getting best of breed IT Solutions for HR and People Engagement Implemented and Adopted. 

I specialize in SAP HRMS Solutions and Change Management. I have worked on a number and variety of Solution Delivery and Support Roles. 

If you are implementing, or transitioning to, SuccessFactors Solutions, you can take advantage of my versatile skills and dynamic experience.

Work with me

You can create a more flexible, engaged workforce and a more resilient business, using the right solutions, and services.  

I, as a Business Associate to an SAP SuccessFactors Partner Company and a Change Management Consultancy Firm, can help you with delivering the best-possible Employee Experience at your organization. 

Interested in learning more?